Gezamenlijke oppositie van Suriname feliciteert Venezuela

De gezamenlijke oppositie,

VHP – NPS – PL – ABOP, heeft een felicitatieboodschap gestuurd naar de coalitie van oppositiepartijen(MUD)van Venezuela. De felicitatieboodschap van de gezamenlijke oppositie:

Paramaribo, December 8, 2015

To the attention of :
Mr. Jesus Torrealba, secretary-general of
the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD),
Caracas, Republic de Venezuela

Dear Mr. Torrealba,

The coalition of opposition parties in the Republic of Suriname, comprised of : VHP, NPS, PL and ABOP herewith convey their sincere congratulations to the Venezuelan Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) and to all Venezuelan democrats for an outstanding victorious election result, that opens the way to a historic opportunity for change in the direction of Venezuela.

As your political counterpart in Suriname we, from the opposition, fully understand and underscore your personal statement expressed in today’s national news media: “Venezuela wanted a change, and today that change has begun”.

This election of the new Venezuelan National Assembly stands for a wish to overcome the current crises as well as for a wish for reconciliation among all Venezuelans. The start of a national dialogue to reach agreements for peace and stability will therefore be necessary.

In expressing once more our good wishes for a bright future for the Republic of Venezuela, Mr. Torrealba, we hereby kindly request you to also forward our congratulations to Chairman Henrique Capriles and wish him all the best with the realization of your goals.

Long live Venezuela,

Viva Venezuela,

Coalition of opposition parties in Suriname: